ISO 27001 VS 27002

ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 can seem confusing for people seeking to explore Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). These standards involve establishing and maintaining a robust Information Security Risk Management System. Comparing the two standards, one appears to be more detailed than the other. Let’s find out how these standards are related and how they differ.

ISO 27001 Specifies the Requirements of ISMS Implementation

ISO 27001 is an ISMS standard related to information security controls. It is used during the management or the implementation of Information Security Risk Management Systems. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) established the ISO 27000 series to help control risk management and risk assessments in Information technology systems.

ISMS can be people, systems, technology, or other aspects of a plan designed to safeguard enterprise data. The data may include organisational files, servers, and websites. It is a comprehensive concept that consists of all controls set to protect the data from data leaks, accidental loss, hacks, breaches, and other cyber security vulnerabilities and threats.

For instance, Annex A of ISO 27001 highlights the requirements of information security policies, IT asset management, data encryption, cryptography, human resources, operational security, and other critical aspects of an Information Security Management System.

ISO 27001 implementation requires methodic monitoring, measurement, assessment, and evaluation. Often the process includes regular internal audits to determine weak points and identify areas that need improvement before the ISO assessment.

To implement the ISO 27001 standard in your organisation, ensure you work with a JAS-ANZ accredited ISO certification body. At Next Practice, we are equipped to analyse and evaluate your organisation to determine whether it meets ISO 27001 requirements.

Once we ascertain that you meet the set requirements, we will direct you to an ISO certification body. Being ISO 27001 certified shows that your ISMS meets the criteria outlined in ISO 27001.

ISO 27002 Provides Implementation Guidance and Not Certification

While you can acquire certification for ISO 27001, you cannot obtain a certificate for ISO 27002. This is because ISO 27001 sets the requirements for organisations to get certified, while ISO 27002 contains a set of guidelines designed to help you introduce and adopt ISMS best practices.

ISO 27002 is like a practice test or a guidebook. It contains rules, tips, and guidelines to help an organisation prepare for ISO 27001 certification. You don’t have to worry about acquiring an ISO 27002 certificate since the standard only exists to help your organisation prepare for ISO 27001.

This also implies that you don’t have to follow the controls and recommendations outlined in ISO 27002 strictly. While the standard can help you enhance your data security, you don’t need to track everything highlighted.

Want to Acquire an ISO 27001 Certification? Next Practice Can Help

Next Practice is a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body fully equipped to help organisations acquire an ISO 27001 certification. We have what it takes to provide the relevant training and assessment to ensure you comply with ISO 27001 requirements. We also go the extra mile to enlighten you on ISO 27002 guidelines and how they relate to your ISO certification process.

Whether you have a complete information security management system and are ready for an audit or need help establishing one and ensuring it remains relevant to ISO 27001, we can help. Contact us today to discover more about our ISO consulting services.