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Imagine having ready-access to industry best practices and world class business coaching and consulting, coupled with tailored support focused on your business.

Simply put, it’s in Next Practice’s DNA to empower businesses, their leaders and teams to grow. We leverage existing international standards and proven business growth programs to make, what we believe is a powerful, comprehensive and supportive business coaching program. 
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How Do Our Business Coaching Programs Work?


We harness business’ desire to grow and understand their current state.

Using educative diagnostic tools, we work with you to discover the current business state revealing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We work closely with you to discover the pulse of your business.

Our Sydney based business coach will run our diagnostic radar over all aspects of your business from marketing, finance/ sales, service delivery, resourcing, environment to mention a few. These tools are very powerful and provide clear insights into when your business is benchmarked against other businesses.


We then foster and encourage a willingness to change and improve.

With a greater understanding of where you and the business are at, our executive coaches work collaboratively to develop a clear strategic business plan to improve on areas that may be holding your business back.

Our coaching service challenges the status quo and ‘old thinking’ to better equip the business with a road map to break through the 'glass ceiling' that constrains your business growth. This is where we clear blockages and harness a willingness to change and improve to reach your full potential.


We provide the key winning formula for learning.

Structured around a cycle of accountability, our focus is to assist you to gain traction with your strategic business plan in its execution. Our task is simple, to work with you through your quarterly agenda, monitor progress and encourage you and your team along the way.

When running a successful business, we understand nothing is static, and as your business grows, your needs will change. That’s evolution at play, and our role is to provide you and your business with the ingredients and practices to continue on the journey of improvement and growth long term – The Next Practice.


We work with you and your team through a cycle of improvement and learning.

From small business owners to high-level executives, as your accountability partner, we make sure that you stay on track and are fully supported at each stage of the improvement cycle. We foster growth to drive profitable, fun, safe and sustainable businesses. Here's to your success!

Business Coaching Is The Key To Improving Your Business

Over 25 years, our business mentors and consultants have helped shape over 1,000 improvement programs spanning 720+ organisations of different sizes representing varied industries. 
One of our finest pieces of empirical evidence to share with you is, that of the companies we worked with, ones that adopted a structured growth program managed to increase their aggregate revenue by 93%, profit by 90%, with some now exporting to new markets. That’s exciting, right?
Business owners, let’s unlock the potential in your business by using proven programs for success. Get started with the right business coach today!

Brian Connors
Microport CR

"The Team at Next Practice really transformed our thinking about how we can improve our business. We identified our 'Why', which is to save lives! Nick was able to coach us in ways to align our thinking, systems & KPIs to consistently deliver to our customers. Our team's confidence has improved & we are ready to tackle our projects effectively. I would recommend Nick & his Team to help companies build on their 'Why' & deliver planned business improvement."

Rebecca Sheeran
Fire Engineers Australia

"The Team at Next Practice demystified systems management. Nick has strong business acumen which is vital to help us to tackle our business issues & plan for future improvements. We are confident we can achieve our ISO plans with the help and guidance Nick provided from the workshop. I would recommend coaching sessions to those that are looking to improve themselves & their business.
Thank you Nick & Next Practice!”

Mitch Deam
Hoverscape Australia

"Nick & The Next Practice Team were able to assist me to develop a systematic way to achieve business improvement. Nick coached us through the requirements of ISO & align them with our business needs to really develop a business management system. We are now equipped with the tools & processes to drive the business forward. The coaching sessions are recommended for those that are looking to improve their business!"

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